3 tips for a successful choice of your graphics tablet

A powerful graphics tablet makes artistic creation easier and more efficient. However, for an optimal choice it will be necessary to bet on different criteria between the drawing area, the mode of operation and the dimensions.

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To support you in your choice ideas, the XPPen brand offers you many incredible offers on different graphics tablets ranging up to 50% discount on the purchase price. Take advantage of this deal on the occasion of Black Friday 2022 between the November 11 and 28 to refine your creations while saving.

1. Choose according to artboard

With a larger drawing area, you can create more freely on the screen of your graphics tablet. The model has a 23.8-inch 2K QHD display XP Pen Artist 24 Pro is a viable option for getting clearer, larger, and brighter images. This tablet guarantees incredible comfort and extraordinary versatility and is available at Only 629.99 euros instead of 999.99 euros, be one 37% discount.

So are the models XPPen Artist 22 R Pro (shipped for €479.99 instead of €699.99) and XPPen Artist 22-2nd Gen (available for €399.99 instead of €599.99) are also ideal for professionals looking for a tablet with a large drawing surface. They have a 21.5 widescreen display with a resolution of 1080P.

With the former, you can enjoy superior color accuracy of 88% NTSC for optimal brilliance in your creations. Equipped with the USB hub, a mouse or other device can be placed in it, providing greater convenience to the user.

As for the XPPen Artist 22 (2nd generation), it offers a lightweight stylus with a small rubber coating to prevent slipping. Offering a 8192 level sensitivity and 60 degree tilt, the tablet offers good precision to perfect your professional creations in a short time.

2. Bet on the operation of the graphics tablet

Operating a graphics tablet can be tricky for some budding artists. If you are looking for a tool that is both user-friendly and easy to configure, the templates XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro and XP Pen Artist 13.3 Pro are definitely preferred.

On the occasion of this Black Friday, the XP Pen Artist 15.6 Pro comes back to you €299.99 instead of an initial purchase price of €439.99. Treat yourself to your tablet XP Pen Artist 13.3 Pro at a fixed price €239.99 at an initial cost of €329.99.

Equipped with 8 shortcut keys and a red dial, these professional drawing tools bring greater convenience and speed to your creative sessions. In addition, it is possible to customize these buttons to your liking for better handling of your drawings.

If you aim for creations of rather average quality, these models will certainly meet your expectations.

3. Transportability for artists on the go

Are you an artist on the go? Then choose a tablet with a smaller drawing screen such as the XP pen artist 12 (2nd generation) with an 11.9-inch laminated screen. Very ergonomic, this model is offered at €191.99 at a starting price of 239.99, a 20% discount.

Available at Only 251.99 euros instead of 279.99 eurosthe XP pen artist 13 (2nd generation) also remains a very practical choice.

Compact and portable, these two models can be easily integrated into a small bag to facilitate your sessions anywhere (on the subway, at the café in the park, etc.). They are also compatible with conventional computers or tablets for more convenient data sharing.

The many benefits of XPPen graphics tablets may raise budgetary concerns among consumers. But don’t worry! This great period of Black Friday indeed remains a perfect opportunity to obtain a drawing tool that is both economic and efficient.

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