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That Black Friday is the right time to activate one New mobile offer and the suggestion of Optimal Italy, virtual operator using the Vodafone network comes at the right time. The operator, which is also present in the electricity and gas utilities sector and in the fixed telephony sector (also with “all-inclusive” offers that combine several services), launches the new offer Optima Super 100 Black Friday Edition. It is a special version of Optima Super 100 which, until 29.11is activated directly online with a Price halved in the first year. Here are all the details about the new offering:

Optima Super 100 Black Friday Edition: 100 GB for less than 5 euros a month for the first year

Optima’s Black Friday offer is really interesting. With Optima Super 100 Black Friday EditionIn fact, it is possible to activate a special rate that includes unlimited minutes and SMS Furthermore 100 GB in 4G up to 60 Mbit/s to use every month (remember that Optima is a virtual operator using the network Vodafone for the provision of their services). The Black Friday offer includes a Fee of 4.95 euros per month for the first 12 months.

It’s one reduced by 50 percent% compared to the normal price (9.90 euros per month), which, as already mentioned, is valid for the first year after activation. From the second year, the offer is extended at the standard price of 9.90 euros per month. Of course, there are no restrictions for the customer who may want to switch operators to avoid the increase.

It should be noted that the offer proposed by Optima also includes an sActivation Fee Account. For new customers, the activation is reduced to 5 euros once instead of 15.90 euros. Optima’s new Black Friday offer is available to all new customers. The Optima Super 100 Black Friday Edition can be activated both with number portability from any operator and by requesting a new mobile number.

It’s time to activate the new Optima offer for Black Friday until 29.11. This special price is only available through the official Optima Italia website. Just click the Buy button and follow the subscription process. The SIM will then be sent to the address specified by the user during registration free of charge and without additional costs. To activate the Optima offer for Black Friday it is therefore possible to use this link:

>> Activate Optima Super 100 Black Friday Edition online <

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