10 computer keyboards and/or mice

Have you spilled soda on your keyboard or your dog scratched your mouse and want to replace it?

Choosing an input device is not always easy. First, because of the relatively large selection of mice, keyboards, keyboard and mouse sets, and other numeric keypads. Secondly, because the price range fluctuates between a few euros and hundreds of euros. Finally, because peripherals meet a wide variety of needs.

Peripheral devices for home and telework

The rise of telework has increased the need for reliable, easy-to-use, and comfortable input devices. As the selection of accessories for telecommuting is very well represented, choosing the right keyboard and mouse can bring a great deal of comfort when you’re in front of your computer all day at home.

A basic mouse is fine for the occasional e-mail, checking account, or surfing the net, but for navigating between tables in Excel, typing reports, and using your You can even write articles, just like you do with articles.

As such, we only recommend ergonomic products such as Logitech’s Vertical Lift Mouse or Microsoft’s Ergonomic Keyboard with Integrated Wrist Rest. Logitech, Microsoft, and HP are also among the most popular brands for office use.

game input device

When it comes to gaming, knowing how to choose the right keyboard or mouse can make a difference.

Gaming mice can be wireless, but experts recommend wired. This avoids latency pitfalls and autonomy limits. But there are many other criteria to consider, from handling to sensor accuracy and customization options through programming options. To do this, refer to our guide to buying a gaming mouse.

Mechanical keyboards, whether they have linear or tactile switches, are popular with gamers. Again, as our gaming keyboard buying guide shows, there’s a lot to consider. Therefore, in addition to the types of switches, anti-ghosting functions and macro keys are also installed. And a big trend right now, backlighting turns your game room into a light show, adding to the immersion. Among the best-known brands, Razer, Steelseries, Hyper X, Corsair or Roccat and many other players in this highly competitive sector can be mentioned.

numeric keypad

The rise of 13-inch or 14-inch portable PCs has brought everything in terms of smaller size and lighter weight, but 15-inch and 15-inch and above.

Still, for certain uses and professions, the presence of a numeric keypad is still essential, especially when you need to juggle a large number of numbers. In this case, getting the optional numeric keypad has two advantages: you can use it when you need it (with a minimal footprint), and you can leave it at home if you don’t have one.

Wired Keypad-USB-C-Port-Designs-Black

Apple input device

Finally, Apple offers mice and keyboards specifically suited for branded environments. This is not recommended for the proud owners who already own iMacs, MacBooks, Mac Minis, or some iPads. It is particularly well-finished, perfectly matched with the brand’s products, ergonomic and very easy to install.


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