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If you are trying to find a gaming game in the Google Play Store, you will come across such a variety of games that it is difficult to know which game to download. That is why we at TecnoAndroid call the task of compiling a list to be found los mejores juegos de carreras for Android.

Within it, we decided to group various subgenres, from arcade-style jobs, to highly realistic professional simulations. With the intention of displaying games according to users’ preferences.

Los mejores juegos de choches is currently available on Android

Editor’s note: Los juegos no están por order de mejor a peor, es totally.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Asphalt 9: Legends It is the latest entry from one of the most popular career games in the Google Play Store. You will enjoy a high-octane, over-the-top experience with all the arrangements while all claims of realism are omitted.

Players can use the career mode to unlock new maps or update the ones they have (if you have a lot of work, you can also pay for it). If you want to compete with your friends, you can choose jugador multiplayer mode where you can play up to 7 other players in safe and fast jobs.

Preset game controls are available on “Touch Drive”, which allows you to focus on changing wheels to take jumps or follow specific routes, power off or use the nitro while the game controls your acceleration and direction. Other control options are available, among pan and tilt direction controls. Without bans, to be honest, the best option is Touch Drive, I was forced to use the game.

When the graphics are created, you will find very clean visuals and a high-quality sound range that gives Asphalt 9 an adrenaline-filled experience.

GP Riptide: Renegade

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If you enjoy carreras de agua, there is no doubt that you should play GP Riptide: Renegade. This is the best entrega de Games carreras de motos de agua en Android. If at some point you enjoy games like them Jet Motos or Wave Race 64Riptide GP: The Renegade will get you in good health.

An account with a history mode where you can unlock new features or you can choose a quick career or online multiplayer mode. The graphics are first class, with water effects and desenfoque de movimiento, giving the game a very interesting sense of speed.

To control the Hydrojet, it is necessary to use the tilt direction, which is difficult to control at first. no ban, It is compatible with sends bluetooth I think the game is softer. After the topic of controls, it’s important to know One of the main aspects of the game is learning trucos alocados with a water bike. It’s easy to do, you just need a little practice to get used to it. There are many more features to unlock when you leave it in story mode.

On the other hand, the artificial intelligence of this game is first, what makes it possible to play is a complete challenge compared to other Android games. If you want to enjoy this game, you will need a good team that will allow you to run the graphics optimally and achieve the best performance. It also works perfectly on TV Box with Android NVIDIA Shield.

Beach Buggy Racing 2

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Beach Buggy Racing 2 It’s the secuela del ya conocido Beach Buggy Blitz. This is a single career game in which participants navigate along the coast of a tropical beach, trying to reach one of the observation points or “checkpoints” each time. It is important for men and women to collect coins so that they can fund the best of buggy. Without bans, you must avoid chozas, animals, and other slow moving runners.

Consider smooth graphics and enough color, among which there is one pleasant effect of water, dust and lighting. When maniobrabilidad, there are different control options available, among them Compatibility with Bluetooth controllers.

Horizon Chase – World Tour

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Si te divierten las carreras retro, entonces no puedes perderte Horizon Chase – World Tour. This entertaining carreras game will take you back to the classic 80’s arcade game, first place. Among the 70 tracks in 32 cities, you will enjoy retro graphics that are very bright, colorful and provide a lot of entertainment. In each profession, you will start from among 20 cars and you will have to beat them all in order to be able to get the crown. Each Victoria will allow you to improve and unlock up to 16 available cars.

You can have fun while running on the San Francisco tracks, but to play the full game you have to pay a very low price. Let’s make sure that once you notice the fun and entertainment that this professional game for Android has to offer, you will pay for it.


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Repulze is an example of how not all great career games are worth getting paid. I have previously followed franquicias F-zero or wipe offentries bodice
He will charm you. You will pass through 24 tomb-defying winding tracks using pilot airslizadores.

One of the distinguishing elements of Repulze relative to other games is the way turbo power builds up. Apart from that, depending on the polarity of your ship, you will have to go through the green or red doors that will allow you to release rejections. Also, this car game for Android is wrapped in an intriguing storyline about an evil corporation that controls everything from the shadows. El juego holds precio muy bajo, Merece la pena pagar por él.

Thumb drift – furious racing

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¿Quieres correr, pero solo cuentas con una mano disponible? shrug Thumb drift It’s the game you need. Its graphics are very charming and its premise is very simple. The objective of this game is to scatter sideways through paths that are getting more difficult each time. You have more than 70 cars to buy from the app or to unlock with the coins collected on the track, so in this game you will find many hours of entertainment.

Real Racing 3 (may be the best car game on Android)

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Real Racing 3 is a game that focuses on keeping car enthusiasts entertained. feras The coaches of Marcas reales corriendo en pistas del mundo real, he allí la razón de su nombre. It has an interesting asynchronous multiplayer system in which friends record las vueltas times and missions against a bot that is driving at that moment.

Sure, you can get rid of them and affect your time on the track. Also see a really interesting single player career path. Over time, you will earn new cars, which you can also improve some mechanical aspects with the money you get. Without a ban, it may not be so important to be so depressed to keep the car in good condition to avoid repair costs. Quizás el most juego de coche available on Android.

Fast and furious finishing race

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Este is A professional drama based on popular action films. In the game, you will face different missions that will keep you hooked on your movement. Activate nitro and slash all your opponents in callejeras jobs, speed shift jobs and drift jobs. The earnings obtained will be used to improve your vehicles and thus be able to take on greater challenges in the medium advancing in the historical mode. The best of all is that you can play with your favorite characters in the movie franchise.

Without any doubt Fast and Furious takedownsIt offers you entertaining functions with a diverse history and high-quality graphics.

This was part of our list, if you have played some of these games we would love to know what you think about it, if you think there is a game that should be on this list then don’t forget to post it in the comments.

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